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             Current Position: English >> Introduction of China National Cleaner Production Center

                  Introduction of China National Cleaner Production Center

China National Cleaner Production Center (CNCPC) of Ministry of Environmental Protection ( formerly, State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) ) is an institution promoting China's cleaner production research and consultation. Approved by State Environmental Protection Administration, the center was founded in December, 1994. In June 1996, with the supervision and financial support from United Nation Industry Development Organization and United Nation Environmental Program (UNIDO/UNEP), the center participated in the UNIDO/UNEP cooperation project “Establishing Cleaner Production Center in Developing Countries”. Under the support of SEPA, UNIDO and UNEP, Cleaner Production Center has conducted a series of activities focusing on the national strategy of environmental protection, namely, transformation from end-of-pipe control to pollution prevention strategy. Cleaner Production Center plays a critical role in developing cleaner production audit methodology system, formulating China cleaner production law, regulation and other government management rules, promoting enterprise cleaner production audit and educating cleaner production personnel as well as developing cleaner production institutions. Cleaner Production Center also plays a leading role in the following areas, such as studies on research methodology of enterprise cleaner production audit, studies on cleaner production standards, studies on cleaner production industrial guideline, studies on cleaner production policy and legislation, etc. Research project “Promoting China's Cleaner Production” has been awarded second prize at ministerial level.







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